Remembering Cling Fabe Webb

Remembering Cling Fabe Webb

Cling Webb, Serving for 52 years, He began his career at the age of 18. In 1944, he took over the fire tower atop of Little Snowball Mountain. The Job meant he had to walk 10 miles to and from his spotters tower each day.

                                  Reassembled and at it’s new home, The Big Ivy History Park.

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Little Snowball Tower was first manned by Mote Allen, who helped build it as a member of the CCC. When his CCC term ended and he was too old to enlist in World War II, the Forest Service hired him to be the lookout’s fire warden. After Mote’s retirement, Cling Fabe Webb was its dispatcher for twenty years, until the Forest Service retired the tower. After Lloyd Allen removed Little Snowball around 1985, the tower that cost less than a man’s suit was stored in pieces at Allen’s house for twenty years, waiting for a new home. In 2007, at Big Ivy Historical Park in Barnardsville, after one year of volunteer labor, the reassembled Little Snowball Fire Tower was dedicated. U.S. Forest Service supervisor Marisue Hilliard delivered the speech: I’m proud to be here today representing the Forest Service in saying thank you…[for] finding a permanent home for this wonderful legacy. Later, Mote Allen’s great-granddaughter in Florida returned his tower journal back home in Little Snowball Fire Tower.

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Big Ivy is located in the Northeastern corner of Buncombe County. 

Big Ivy is located in the Northeastern corner of Buncombe County. 

Big Ivy Community Development Club is located in the remote, northeastern corner of Buncombe County.

The Big Ivy Valley bounded by Interstate 26, the Madison County line, the Coleman Boundary, the Yancey County line, and Paint Fork Road to Maney Branch Road, encompassing the Barnardsville school and fire districts, is filled with natural beauty in all seasons.

The residents of the valley are a diverse group in a number of ways.

While we enjoy the talents of, for example, a master blacksmiths who plays the anvil musically, the author of the Ladies of Covington novels, a recipient of the lifetime Achievement Award from the Society of Illustrators, and an international scholar on the ancient Mayan civilization, another achiever who was recognized as one of America’s Premiere experts and voted to the National Academy of Best Selling Authors, we also face an unemployment rate in Barnardsville, the unincorporated center of the valley, that is nearly double digit, with a negative projected job growth rate for the near future. It is no surprise that the rate of job losses in Big Ivy occurs at a faster rate than the state rate. The 2008 estimated median household income for the predominate zip code encompassing the valley is almost $13,000 lower than the State average, and the percentage of residents living below the poverty level is over 14% higher than the State average. The percentage of those living 50% below the poverty level is almost double of 6%. The median household value is over $8000 less than the statewide value and the majority of Barnardsville Elementary School students participate in the free/reduced cost lunch program. We have many riches of various kinds to tap in the valley, and many needs of those who live here to be met in various ways. #WeAreBigIvy

Big Ivy Community Development Club

Our Community Center is at the heart of the area. Located on Dillingham Road, it provides many needed services for all the residents. Recreational opportunities abound… basketball and volleyball courts, swimming pool, playground, picnic area, walking trail and baseball fields. A thrift store, our “Little White House”, utilzes the only original building. Our resource center offers childcare both full day and after school. It houses a medical clinic weekly as well as a Food pantry, Coat Closet, rooms for GED classes and various club meetings. A fully equipped commercial kitchen is an asset to the large multi-purpose room.

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